Get the red carpet treatment

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      Sky Backstage is our exclusive bar behind the main stage at The O2, London.


      You can enjoy a bite to eat, share a cocktail with friends or sing your heart out in our karaoke booth before the show.


      It's free for Sky customers and their friends so if you’re going to an event in the main arena at The O2, come and join the party at Sky Backstage. Just book a pass and bring it along with your arena ticket.


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    • Pout and pose

      People posing for a photograph

      Our paparazzi are waiting on the red carpet to take your photo, so pout and pose and get ready for your close up.

      Been snapped by our pap? Use the links below to see your photos, then email them to your family and friends or instantly share your red carpet moment on Facebook.

    • Make sweet music

      People singing

      Seen it on Sky Living HD? Now come to Sky Backstage and star in your own Sing Date duet.


      You and a friend, or even a date, can choose a song and sing your hearts out while we record every moment. Then when you get home, you can watch your video and share it online.