• Join the fun and games with Wreck-It Ralph

    Ever wished there was a restart button in real life, just like in a video game?

    Wreck-It Ralph is the bad guy character in an arcade game, destined to ruin anything he comes into contact with, and is constantly outshone by the game’s hero, Fix-It Felix.

    So one day Ralph decides he’s tired of playing the villain and tries to make a fresh start.

    But it can be just as hard to reinvent yourself in the virtual world as it is in real life. Not one to give up easily, Ralph sets out on an action packed adventure to prove he’s got what it takes to be the hero.

    Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph has been nominated for the best Animated Feature Film Oscar®, with critics hailing it “witty”, “charming” and “fun for the whole family”, and you can see it before the crowds.

    As a thank you for being a Sky Movies customer, grab four free tickets to see it in amazing Disney Digital 3D™ almost a week before its 8 February UK cinema release.

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    Wreck-It Ralph

    About the movie

    Disney’s Oscar® nominated Wreck-It Ralph (Cert U) is set in an incredible 3D arcade game world and is directed by Emmy® award winning Rich Moore (The Simpsons, Futurama).


    Wreck-It Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly, Step Brothers) is the big and clumsy, but ultimately harmless bad guy in the arcade game Fix-It Felix.


    But after decades of being overshadowed by the game’s hero, Ralph decides to prove that he can play the good guy too.


    He sets out on a journey of self discovery, which takes him into game worlds he’d never even heard of and ends up forming a charming friendship with another one of life’s misunderstood underdogs, Vanellope von Schweetz.


    Going from bad guy to good guy and back again, he’s eventually set the ultimate challenge to determine whether he’s a hero or villain once and for all.


    As the game reaches its climax, can he save the characters from an evil army of computer bugs?


    Wreck-It Ralph (Cert U) will be showing in cinemas nationwide from 8 February, and also in Disney Digital 3D™ at selected cinemas.