• See Arnie's return to the big screen

    Kick start your new year with a trip to the cinema to see hot new thriller The Last Stand before anyone else.

    Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the Sheriff of sleepy Sommerton Junction has kept a low profile since leaving the LAPD.

    But when the most notorious drug kingpin of the western hemisphere, Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega), makes an escape from the FBI prisoner convoy, the peaceful existence of the town is crushed.

    Determined to bring down the violent fugitive, the Sheriff and his team set out to catch the criminal before he slips across the border and is lost forever.

    Starring a host of action movie icons, including Forest Whitaker, Peter Stormare and Johnny Knoxville, you can see The Last Stand first and for free with Sky Rewards, days before its 24 January UK cinema release.

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    The Last Stand

    About the movie

    It’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator, The Expendables) never left the big screen as he returns with a bang in new action thriller The Last Stand (Cert 15).


    Sheriff Ray Owens (Schwarzenegger) hasn’t seen much drama since leaving his high pressure post with the LAPD to head up the police force in Sommerton Junction, one of America’s sleepiest border towns.


    But when the most wanted drug lord on the continent makes a dramatic escape from an FBI police convoy, Sommerton finds itself in the midst of the action.


    The entire US law enforcement, including Agent Bannister (Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland), arrives in town to halt the runaway criminal and shrugs off the help of Owens and his team.


    Angered by this treatment, the Sheriff and his slightly calamitous sidekick Lewis Dinkum (Johnny Knoxville, Jackass) take things into their own hands, setting up the kind of classic showdown from which only Schwarzenegger can come out on top.


    The Last Stand (Cert 15) will be showing in cinemas nationwide from 24 January.