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    Scandal, blackmail, murder. Not three words you’d expect to associate with New York City’s most loved and powerful political figure. Or would you?

    When disgraced cop turned private detective, Billy Taggart, is hired by Mayor Hostetler to tail his wife after an alleged affair, the last thing he expects to uncover is a citywide conspiracy of corruption, sex, and murder.

    And as the plot thickens and Billy gets trapped in the mayor’s web of lies, prepare to sit on the edge of your seat as he fights for his career, his family and his life in this fast paced all-star cast suspense thriller.

    With powerhouse performances from Academy Award® winners Catherine Zeta-Jones and Russell Crowe, and nominee Mark Wahlberg, you can get two free cinema tickets to see Broken City first, days before its 1 March UK release.

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    Broken City

    About the movie

    Starring Academy Award® winners Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones and Academy Award® nominee Mark Wahlberg, expect gritty action, glamour and plenty of suspense in the crime thriller Broken City (Cert TBC).


    Billy Taggart (Wahlberg, The Fighter) is an ex-New York City police detective forced to step down by the city’s mayor Nicholas Hostetler (Crowe, Les Misérables), after being acquitted of killing a man who got off a rape and murder charge.


    Seven years later, when approached by Hostetler weeks before election day and asked to find the man his wife (Zeta-Jones, Ocean's Twelve) has been sleeping with, Billy jumps at the chance of getting back in the game.


    But as the story unwinds and Billy completes the job, he finds he's been double-crossed and set up as an accomplice to murder.


    Broken City (Cert TBC) will be showing in cinemas nationwide from 1 March.